Warranty and Terms of Service


I am currently not accepting custom commission work at this time. I will take repair work for any customers of Naigon's Electronic Creations as they are needed to facilitate any warranty work required. 

I will not push your build ahead of someone else's. Please do not ask me to do this for you.

I will not accept additional payment to push your build ahead of someone else on the list, again, please do not ask me to do this.

Like anything else in life there are occasional delays, there are also occasionally instances where someone may contact me with what THEY consider to be "emergency" work. This is usually brought on by some sort of special event with a nearby due date, or some sort of "saber crisis" brought on by any number of potential things. From time to time I may consider something of this nature, and if so, I will contact you to ask if moving your build back a bit is acceptable or not. If you are not open to adjusting the time table, I will politely refuse the other party's request. If you ARE open to the time frame adjustment, I will work to keep you appraised of the situation.

Please keep in mind that I have a family and a day job. This means that there are times where I am not "instantly available". Please do not take offense if I do not respond immediately. I am not ignoring you, I am simply very busy. With that being said, I ask that you keep build inquiries to a minimum. I will allow for one build update request per week. I will offer updates at other times along the way as well, but I do not have the extra time to field 2, 3, 7, 20 requests, PMs, emails, or other messages during the average work week. The more time I spend responding to messages, the less time I have to complete the work. If you insist on sending multiple update requests during the week, I will add an additional fee for my time. For every 3rd request past the original weekly request, I will add an extra $10. This is to keep my phone/laptop out of my hands and my soldering iron IN them.

I will work on requests in the order that they come in and will occasionally work on another build while I am waiting on parts deliveries or when I hit a creative "slump".
Occasionally while building a saber I hit a point where it is hard to be inspired after having looked at the same set of parts for such a long period of time and I will pick up another build temporarily to get the creative juices flowing. I find that sometimes working on someone else's saber can give me new insight into what to do with a build I have recently put aside.
That being said, please do not take offense if you should see me post a completed saber that was not at the top of the list. It is probably because that hilt was just a quick fix or the parts were readily available while your build may not have been.



All builds will require a minimum deposit covering cost of materials in advance.

Deposits are non-refundable.

The remaining balance plus shipping will be due upon completion and before the item(s) are shipped. Any builds that go unpaid for longer than 90 days will become the sole property of CSJ Props and will be promptly posted for sale to recoup lost wages at the discretion of CSJ Props.


All installs and builds are covered by a lifetime warranty on labour, however, this does not cover any damage due to (1) acts of God, accident, misuse, abuse, negligence, improper handling, commercial use or modifications of this product, or normal wear and tear; (2) improper operation or maintenance of this product; or (3) attempted repair by any party other than CSJ Props. If a part fails (which is beyond the control of CSJ Props) the customer must pay for replacement parts. Damaged boards that must be repaired by Naigon's Electronic Creations will have the actual cost charged to the customer and paid directly to NEC.
Pre-wired boards will be fully tested and functional when shipped. Any damage that should occur during the install of the board is the responsibility of the customer.

All "tampering" with the internals of the saber will automatically void the warranty. I know my own work quite well and make a living by identifying the wiring adjustments made by other people. I can assure you, I will know if the saber was "fixed" by someone else.


Actual shipping charges will ALWAYS be the responsibility of the customer, both to and from CSJ Props. This includes warranty claims.

I ship all packages tracked and insured via Canada Post unless otherwise requested.

Removal of tracking and insurance to lower shipping costs is not an option.
For anyone wishing international shipping, please understand I will not lie on your customs forms to lower tariff costs.
Please do not ask me to do so.

*The terms and conditions listed above are subject to change at any time.*

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